Effective strategies for craps

There are many popular online casino games you can try out, from poker to roulette. While these are all good games, another which many people love to try is called craps. It is a dice-based game where players place bets on the outcome of a dice roll or series of rolls.It is mainly a game of pure chance as the outcome of any one roll is random. It does offer plenty of thrills,which is why it remains so popular.

Before you think about playing craps online, you need to find the right internet casino.One of the best NJ online casinos is Resorts Casino, and it is certainly worth joining. Not only does it offer an extensive range of casino games to try, but the site is safe to use, and there is excellent customer support. It is vital to take your time and choose the right online casino before you start playing. If you do decide to play craps once you have signed up,there are specific strategies you can use to help make it less a pure chance game.

But what are they?

Combination bets

One popular strategyisusing combination bets. Players increase their chances of winning on any one roll by putting on several low-risk wagers. A great example of this idea in action is combining Pass and Come bets on any one roll. If the dice roll ends up in a 7 or 11, you win both bets! Many people also combine a Field Bet with a Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bet. This covers a lot of different outcomes on any roll and can prove very profitable.

Classic regression strategy

 This is a craps strategy many people like to use, as it is simple to grasp. This system requires putting 2 unit bets on numbers 6 and 8. If one of the numbers is rolled, players place a 1 unit bet on 6 and 8 again next time. If one of the numbers comes out again, you cease betting until the shooter rolls a 7. The beauty of this strategy is that there are ten potential combinations for 6 and 8 compared to 6 possiblecombos for a 7, which tips the odds in your favor.

Anything but 7 strategy

 This is another popular craps strategy. It means putting on multiple bets and giving yourself a bigger chance of winning. First, you would bet 1 unit on 5,6, and 8 and half a unit on the Field. You then wait for the shooter to roll three times on the trot. Before the fourth roll, you take your bets off the table. This strategy can work well as it sees you win as long as anything but 7 comes out on a roll.

 Top craps strategies can help

 Although it is right to say that craps is a game of chance, this does not mean you can’t tip the oddsin your favor. As the above shows, there are some easy to use strategies which can help do this. Whichever you choose, the critical thing is to understand it and be disciplined when implementing it.